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Highly-effective CBD skincare

Premium cosmetics, reimagined with potent CBD and powerful botanicals — for results you can see.


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Premium CBD Skincare

Our thoughtfully-designed product line provides your skin with exactly what it needs: nourishing skincare that works with your lifestyle. Uncomplicated and daring, Nordic Cosmetics aims to bring a little bit of glow into your hectic day.

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The future of skincare is here

Our carefully-developed skincare products are powered by highly-effective CBD combined with potent botanicals to soothe, balance, and regenerate your skin while protecting it from free radical damage. Highly-effective, vegan, and for all skin types.

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Introducing our reformulated Face Creams

We are proud and excited to finally introduce our reformulated Day Cream, Night Cream, and Anti-Aging Cream.

Silkier and more effective than before, the reformulated Face Creams are fast-blending, micro plastic-free and have a CO2 neutral paper packaging produced in Bavaria.

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Introducing our reformulated Face Creams
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Elina Dietrich
Digital Brand Consultant

Elina Dietrich

Elina is a beauty blogger from Berlin who is the creative mind behind Bare Minds. She serves as an inspiration in the beauty community and shares simple every day hacks about how you can take care the best of yourself and your skin.

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Grace Montana
Digital Creator

Grace Montana

Grace is a self-employed content creator and commutes between Berlin and London. She loves everything to do with fashion, beauty and jewelry and loves everything to do with skincare.

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Kinga Cichewicz

Kinga Cichewicz

Kinga is an artist from Munich who loves to take care of herself and look after herself by practicing yoga and meditation, using Nordic Cosmetics products and spending time in nature.

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Sarah Gottschalk
Co-Founder of „This Is Jane Wayne“

Sarah Gottschalk

Sarah is a journalist and co-founder of the Vogue partner site "This is Jane Wayne". Here she writes about life itself, fashion and lifestyle, literature, political issues, interior, beauty, culture and society.

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